The Responsibility of Voting

Notice I said responsibility of voting rather than for voting. That was intentional. We belong to organizations many of which include voting rights as part of that membership. Homeowners associations, AAA, most fraternal organizations and in our country of origin we have voting rights.


AANR members also have voting rights, and every two years we get a chance to exercise those rights in our biennial elections. Sadly, many members do not exercise their right and lose the opportunity to effect change for nude recreation.


We are now in that cycle and in the May issue you have the chance to review the Propositions that have been put forward for consideration and to vote for candidates for the AANR Board and your officers.


Throughout its history AANR has gone to its members when we have proposed changes to our ruling documents. This year we have two propositions affecting the make-up of the AANR Board and the boundaries of an AANR Region. While these may not seem to affect you personally unless you live in the region or run for an office, it is still your right to weigh in on these issues. Take the time to read the statements presented for and against the propositions. After considering the impact this has on AANR as an organization vote your conscious, but please vote.


Without the input of our members we don’t know what concerns you have that you want addressed by AANR. The same is true of the individuals running for office. Each candidate has an opportunity to submit a candidate‚Äôs statement for publication in the Bulletin and some have websites and ads addressing the areas of concern to them. Your vision for AANR gives them an idea of efforts AANR should take going forward.


Your responsibility of voting is letting the candidates know how you want the organization to grow. Find the candidates that share your concerns or are closest to your views and vote. Then continue to be an active member by letting your leaders know your view on the issues that will improve our organization.