Editorial Musings


The important issues in this election are moving forward with greater cooperation among all nudists groups, AANR membership growth, and not being held hostage to past stereotypes about AANR and nudism in general. We need openness and honesty, which I am presenting here. We do not need behind the scenes deal making or innuendo.

We need to appeal to the younger nudists if we are going to survive and bring AANR forward. They are not interested in in-house bickering and neither is our current membership.

As your President, I promise open communication among all the board members and the general membership, not hidden agendas. I am excellent at listening to everyone’s concern, creating and moving to consensus, and then taking action. I love nudism, AANR, and all people in general. I see great things ahead for AANR. I ask that you take a positive step and vote for me in the AANR election for President. I will not let you down. Thank you.

​Tim Mullins
Candidate for AANR President 2018