Tim Mullins

Meet Tim

You probably know Tim already. He has been serving AANR since August 2011 as the Government Affairs Team (GAT) Chair and earlier in positions within his local clubs through the AANR-West Board of Directors and since 2012 as the AANR West Member Trustee on the AANR Board.

Tim was awarded the Jim Cossins Service Award at the Annual meeting and convention in 2017. The Cossins award is issued at the discretion of the AANR President to an individual or couple who, in the President’s opinion, has performed distinguished and meritorious services to AANR and who exemplifies the qualities of mature judgment, faithful dedication to high ideals and continuous services to AANR. Tim wants to take that service to the next level.

He needs your help to shape and transform AANR for the future as a Trustee of AANR.